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Vegan spelled raisin stollen


Spelled raisin stollen in a gift box (vegan) from 1000G to 2000G

We still bake our raisin stollen according to the old recipe from 1868. We produce each stollen with a lot of passion, shape it by hand and pack it for YOU.

After baking, we remove the burnt sultanas from the entire surface of the stollen in order to guarantee the really good taste and quality of our stollen.

Before our stollens go to rest, we spread them with margarine and dip them in organic beet sugar.

The next day the stollen receives the typical white decorative powdered sugar garnish.

Our Stollen contains lots of sultanas soaked in good rum (38%).

There is also spelled flour 812, lemon peel, candied orange peel, coconut oil, margarine without palm oil, sweet and bitter almonds.

All of our raisin stollen have a shelf life of approx. 6 months.

Attention storage information!

Immediately after the package arrives, your Stollen must be kept cold! Unheated, cool rooms are NOT enough. Please note the best before date on the product label.

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Jens M.

Sehr gute Zutaten, vegan und sooo lecker! Kurzum: Großartige Stollen! 😋

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