Unfortunately, we can't even bake it quickly or steal some of the dough that has been prepared and fermented for the next few days.
Since our dough rests for so long and we are a small bakery, "mass production" is simply not possible given our quality and values.
For weekdays, please order at least 1 day in advance.
For a Saturday we need your order by Thursday at 4 p.m. at the latest!
IMPORTANT - You will always receive feedback or confirmation from us about your order.


our baking plan

Tuesday to Friday
Home bread
Spelled semolina
Seed bread
Whole grain rye
Spelled semolina

Special bread:
Date walnut, potato crust, spelled crust, multigrain ciabatta, walnut ciabatta, Swiss crust,
Spelled toast, whole grain ciabatta, French baguette or porridge crust
If we manage it, we'll also bake one of our favorites,
Therefore, unfortunately it is NOT possible to order these breads.